About Us

I am Claudia, Owner of Inka Chicken


For a number of years, I had a dream to open a restaurant but that stayed on the back of my mind, putting my personal career and aspirations aside while raising the two most precious gifts of my life, my daughter, Ivana, and son, Richard.  As they started growing up and becoming teenagers, my inner drive started to burn more and more, my homemaker side started to diminish while my entrepreneur side started to grow, so much so that I took the plunge and in April 2012 my passion and dream to open Inka Chicken became a reality.  Now that my two beautiful kids are grown up, Inka Chicken is now my heart and soul; it is where I am dedicating my time and focus.  I now have a second family, my amazing and caring employees of whom I respect dearly and from whom I have learned so much. 

Here at Inka Chicken, we strive to provide all our amazing customers the best authentic, fresh and healthy food as quick as possible with great service. 

We hope you join us dine-in for an amazing Peruvian meal, or drive-thru to make us part of your table, or cater for an important business session or for an amazing social event in doing so we promise to strive for an unforgettable, great experience.

We Thank you for support!

Claudia Jordan

Look forward to see you in person!


We are a Fast Casual Scratch Kitchen Peruvian Restaurant providing fresh, healthy, irresistible food.

Dine In, Drive Thru, or Cater...


Such as our delicious Yuca Fries dipped in our homemade sauces.  Come and try it..